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Wastewater Rates

Pursuant to Order Dated June 3, 2010, of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, new rates and charges were approved for Driftwood Utilitie, Inc., which now submits its revised schedule of rates and charges as follows:

1. Residential Customers shall pay a flat monthly rate in the sum of $38.10 per month

2. All commercial users (including schools) shall be charged a monthly metered rate as follows:

First 3,000 gallons at $12.71 per thousand gallons*

Next 2,000 gallons at $11.12 per thousand gallons*

Next 10,000 gallons at $9.51 per thousand gallons*

Next 20,000 gallons at $7.95 per thousand gallons*

Next 40,000 gallons at $6.34 per thousand gallons*

All Over 75,000 gallons at $4.24 per thousand gallons*

3. The State of Indiana for its two rest parks on Interstate 65 pursuant to its Sewer Service Agreement shall pay a monthly metered rate with a minimum monthly charge of $1360.32.

4. The failure of a member to pay sewer charges dualy imposed shall result in automatic imposition of the following penalties:

  • Non-payment within seventeen (17) days from the date of a monthly bill to a customer shall be delinquent and subject to a penalty of ten (10%) per cent of the first three ($3.00) dollars plus three (3%) per cent of any delinquent amount in excess of three ($3.00) dollars.
  • Upon seven (7) days written notice to a customer who is delinquent on their bill, which notice shall not be sent prior to the date an account becomes delinquent, the service shall be dicontinuted and disconnected for the customer's property.

* Subject to the Wholesale Rather Adjustment Tracking Factor-  See Appendix A.

Base Rates were issued pursuant to IURC Order No. 43790-U on June 3, 2010.

5. Costs to new customers for connection of the sewer service shall be as follows:

a. Single connection

  1. Membership fee
  2. Connection fee

    total: $530

b. Other Connection

  1. Membership fee     
  2. Connection fee
    by Contract


In the event that it becomes necessary for the company to disconnect the sewer service from a customer's property, the following fees shall be paid by the customer prior to reconnection of service:

  1.  Basic Service *home with existing and functioning cleanout
    $405 (disconnection costs of $225 + reconnection costs of $180)
  2. Mobile Home Service *includes removing skirt from trailer, disconnection current trailer-lateral connection and plugging boht trailer pipe and the lateral
     $560 (disconnection costs of $335 + reconneciton costs of $225)
  3. Extensive Service  *extensive service rates apply where customer has no existing above-ground cleanout that would permit disconnection without excavation.  Service involves excavation of lateral sewer line to install new cleanout service.  Service includes utility locates, material and equipment to install proper cleanout, and restoration of excavated site.
     $1560 (disconnection costs of $1380 + reconnection costs of $180)


Wholesale Rate Adjustment Tracking Factor

The above rates and charges shall be subject to a wholesale (treatment) rate adjustment tracking factor occasioned solely by the changes in the cost of treatment provided by the Utility's wholesale wastewater treatment provider (city of Columbus, Indiana).

Wholesale Rate Adjustment Tracking Factor:

Metered Users
$0.00 per 1,000 Gallons

Unmetered Residential Users
$0.00 per Month  (based upon 3,000 gallons per month)




Driftwood Tariff (503.61 KB)