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Enroll for eBills

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The terms and conditions of eBill billing require that you agree to the following:

If you request that we stop mailing a paper bill it will be your responsibility to check your email for the bill each month. Understand that we don't control all aspects of email delivery and can't assure timely delivery of your eBill. You'll continue to receive a paper bill until we have successfully delivered a confirmation email to the address provided in the enrollment request.

By agreeing to suspension of mailed paper bills, you agree that emailing of the bill will constitute your receipt of the bill for all purposes and that the bill is due and payable upon posting. We can only attempt to email your bill if it has a current correct email address for you and you immediately notify us of any change in your email address. If you don't check for your bill in a timely manner or fail to pay your bill by the due date for any reason, penalties and/or collections actions may be initiated against your account.

You may provide email address updates at any time and at no charge. We'll send a confirmation email to the new address provided. No additional messages will be sent to the old email address.